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They take a bit of making but multi-expression headshots do have an impact all of their own. Ideal for Pinterest and Instagram we can create 9, 12, 16, 20 or 24 expression headshot montages which as well as being a fun way to show off your personality they are also a great way of showing the depth and breadth of your expression repertoire. Here we have an actor showing off his personality beautifully. We will quickly direct you through a wide range of expressions and choose all your favourite expressions to create your own unique multi-expression headshot. If you have ideas about how you would like your multi-expression headshots to look as an end result we are happy to work with you to get the exact results you are looking for.


Over the last few years with more and more imagery and headshots being required for use on websites there has been a move toward wide format or landscape headshots. This format or square format headshots often look better and are frequently requested by web designers so required for website use to follow the format of a tablet or PC screen and several social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and Google Plus ask for a square headshot so it is always best to ask for your headshot in a variety of crops.

Often several different pictures are the favourite option as some shots, particularly upright portrait headshots, do not lend themselves readily to being cropped in different ways. Here at ” Only Headshots ” we are happy to show you your headshots in different crops and incorporate a variety of styles and different crops into your shoot.

If you need to have your headshots resized to particular sizes for any social media or website use and you have the dimensions with you, we will happily resize your images so that you have them in different sizes ready to use. We supply your Wide format or Landscape format Headshots headshots in Black & White and Colour at no extra cost.