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About Only Headshots

Only Headshots is an important part of Sammy Southall Photography in Kidderminster, created and managed by my wife Jane Southall and myself Sammy Southall.

I started my photography career producing Professional Headshots whilst I was still on air at Radio Wyvern. Photography was my passion and I took all the publicly photography for all the station’s DJs. Leaving radio 25 years ago I started Sammy Southall Photography full time and the company has grown in many directions since then.

We have always enjoyed producing professional headshots and have created and shot many corporate, business and entertainers portrait sessions over the years in our photography business.

We have taken headshot photographs for Solicitors, Barristers, Business Leaders, Managing Directors, Sales Managers, New Brands, Actors, Dancers, DJ’s, Radio & Show Business Personalities, and Musicians.

The business networking website LinkedIn say you are 14 times more likely to be taken seriously if you have a professional headshot.

Having created magazine, company brochure and annual reports profile shots, and online website headshots for BUPA surgeons, Barristers, Legal firms and other industries, we have gathered a wide experience of the style of shots that are most sought after. We have seen a huge upsurge in the demand for a professional headshot and profile image in the last few years with more and more people being featured on a website or working online and needing a professional image to represent them.

You will find we are fun, relaxed and easy to work with and will direct you all the way throughout your shoot. We offer lots of possibilities from a single image shoot up to a 3 outfit shoot with makeup and hair styling.

Your headshot is such an important picture and will say so much about you. It will often create the first impression that anyone will make about you and your company.

The photographer you choose to take your headshots needs to a highly experienced photographer with plenty of people skills to get you relaxed and to get the best out of you.  It is not going to help if you choose a photographer who focuses on product photography commercial photography or architectural photography We have always been people photographers, as professional headshots are a challenging and very different branch of photography.


Here is what you can expect when you have a professional headshot at Only Headshots

How to prepare for the best headshot at Only Headshots

Headshots with the wrong expression or poor lighting scream out that you just don’t care about your career and image that much. We have become experts at directing you during your headshot shoot and we know exactly what will work best for you. We don’t expect you to just roll up in front of the camera only for us to tell you to do your thing, that means nothing and you’ll end up with some very average and awkward shots.

Speak to us and you’ll soon see why so many people have chosen us when they are looking for great new headshots we are very easy to get along with and have a wealth of advice and tips to share with you before and during your shoot.

We have a variety of different backdrops but suggest you stick with white, grey or black unless there is a corporate colour you would like to be shot in front of.

Sometimes it helps to see a few shots and expressions during the shoot and we have extra-large viewing screens to help you with your selections. This way you will know exactly how you are looking and what we are seeing and we can adjust the shoot accordingly if needs be.