Its A Small Investment


Top Quality Headshots £79.00

Includes Full Size Image Files, 2 in Colour & 2 in Black and White, 1 or 2 Outfits, Instant Viewing, Fast Airbrushing and Delivery Straight to Your Inbox.

Add Makeup and Hair Styling by our Professional Makeup Artist £50

Why Invest In A Professional Headshot?

Getting a great Headshot Photograph says you care about your image, your personal brand, and your business. It shows the world you are ready to invest in yourself and that you want people to see you at your best. We have all heard that you never get a second chance to make a first impression – well that is so true and it’s also true that people form an impression of you within 7 seconds of looking at your photograph – so let us make those 7 seconds Count for YOU!

We offer first-class corporate, online and social media headshot photography to clients from all over Worcestershire, The West Midlands and we have also had many clients visit us from Birmingham.

We will get your finished images to you quickly and in whatever sizes and formats you need.

Make sure your business looks right online with the same consistent quality of image for all your staff.

Some people are nervous when they have to get a headshot taken. We are highly experienced headshot photographers and will quickly put you at your ease and create images that look natural and show you at your very best.

So for your professional headshots corporate online images actors’ headshots or model portfolios you’ll be in very safe hands with Only Headshots by Sammy Southall Photography.

Our Top Quality Headshot Shoot is Just £79.00


Telephone and live consultation before we start the shoot.

All the time you need to relax and get the perfect headshot sometimes just 10 mins in the studio, sometimes a little longer.

We always try and shoot for exactly what you are after, we are also more than happy to shoot a smart and a casual look and a couple of different backgrounds to give you a choice.

All final digital image files and prints are edited with a light airbrush and any retouching as needed.

Choose to have your images in high and low-resolution colour and black and white

A choice of changes of an outfit, we are often asked for some corporate expressions with a suit and some more relaxed in shirt only or shirt and tie.

Your choice of headshot background, with the longer sessions, you can choose up to 3 different backgrounds.

Let us help you make sure your online business image is the best it can be.

These days everyone researches who they are dealing with online and the first impression you make has to be a good one.

Our Studio Headshot Photography

A studio headshot shoot starts at just £79.00. It includes 2 Top Quality Headshots in Colour & Black and White. Choose 1 or 2 Outfits, Instant Viewing, Fast Retouching and Delivery.

This includes a smart and a more casual look and 2 screen res images edited and retouched as required and supplied in both black and white and colour.

Extra screen res files are £20 each

We also offer retouched high-resolution digital files for printing at any size. Cost depends on the number of images chosen

Printable Headshot Packages from Only Headshots

Headshots 1 – Studio shoot plus 3 Full Size & Screen Resolution Colour & BW Digital Images £120

Headshots 2 – Studio shoot plus 5 Full Size & Screen Resolution Colour & BW Digital Images £175

The Entrepreneurs Package

If you work online, need personal branding or lots of images for social media or websites we offer a full hour and a half shoot with up to 3 clothes changes with all images shot on a USB stick at Screen res £250 or Full-size Screen or Full Size Printable files for £375

Add Makeup and Hair Styling by our Professional Makeup Artist £50


For Ladies We Offer a Professional Makeup and Hairstyling Option For £45

Ensure you look your very best with our professional makeup artist on hand to help create the perfect image.


Our natural light editing and retouching will help with the odd blemish or cut and with any circles around the eyes but we always strive for a natural look with no over the top airbrushing.  For ladies, you can easily add on professional makeup and hairstyling.

We will relax and guide you every step of the way, there will be no blank stares just great natural headshots that show your personality.

We work with top quality, soft,  flattering lighting and solid backgrounds often white, greys and blacks so the viewer is only seeing you and not the background.