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Headshot Photography Tips

How to choose the perfect clothing for your headshot?

Here are a few tips to help get that perfect headshot.

If you don’t usually wear ties don’t wear one for your photos.

Keep your clothing plain and simple.

Avoid really bright or florescent coloured tops.

Stay away from patterns, stripes or zig zags.

Choose the best clothes to represent your everyday style.

You are very welcome to bring a few different tops, shirts or outfits, so we can find what really works well for you.


For Ladies We Offer a Professional Makeup and Hairstyling Option For £50

Ensure you look your very best with our professional makeup artist on hand to help create the perfect image.


We offer the lightest retouching to help with the odd blemish or cut and with any circles around the eyes but we go for a natural look with no harsh airbrushing.  For ladies, we offer professional makeup and hairstyling.

We will be taking lots of shots and trying to capture your most natural and relaxed expressions – we will help you avoid huge ear to ear smiles that look fake and overeager. We are always trying to create those genuine small, slight smiles. Some corporate business headshots and actors will want to be more serious and have a touch of gravitas to them, but a hint of a smile will show you are welcoming and approachable. There will be no blank stares just natural headshots that show your personality.

It is a good idea to update your headshots every two to three years, and certainly whenever you have a major change to your appearance. A dated picture suggests you’re not keeping yourself up to date online and that you are not an innovative person.

We work with great lighting and solid backgrounds often white, greys and blacks so the viewer is only seeing you and not the background.

So Why Get a Professional Headshot?

A picture really does say a 1000 words and that is never truer than with a headshot.

 A  Good Headshot Photograph says a lot about you, it shows you are ready to invest in yourself and that you want people to see you at your best.